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The Road to Smart Factories

Realistic solutions for unattended production are more in demand than ever. This is exactly how Rollomatic SA intends to impress at EMO 2019, Hall 6, Stand J65. With Smart Factory solutions, new tool grinding and laser machines as well as two world premieres, a visit to the stand definitely worthwhile.

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MA Ford Europe - on a roll!

Over the years, the Rollomatic name has become a byword for Swiss precision engineering, accuracy and performance in the grinding and surface finishing industries, as well as countless OEM businesses globally. While reputation is an important part in any commercial environment, it’s the ability to deliver results and meet customer expectations that really matter in the fiercely competitive machine tool sector.

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Brotec - High precision grinding

The company BroTec in Selzach is specialized in the machining of hard material such as tungsten carbide, ceramics, steels or high speed steels (HSS). Its main activity is the production of punches and the preparation of bars for toolmakers. Its skills allow it to provide a better accuracy than the usual standards.

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IMTS 2016 - Rollomatic exhibiting at the IMTS

Mundelein, June 2016. Rollomatic, a leading machine tool manufacturer based in Le Landeron, Switzerland, is exhibiting at the IMTS (International Manufacturing Technology Show) in September in Chicago, IL.



IMTS 2016 - Rollomatic VirtualGrind®Pro

Rollomatic launches a new wave of tool grinding productivity at IMTS 2016



IMTS 2016 - Rollomatic LaserSmart500

Rollomatic spotlights Super-Fine Laser Cutting and Ablation Machine at IMTS 2016 for high-performance PCD tools and other super-hard materials



IMTS 2016 - Rollomatic ShapeSmart®NP5

Rollomatic spotlights 5-axis pinch/peel grinder with new grinding option for nonround grinding of punches and pins at IMTS 2016



IMTS 2016 - Rollomatic ShapeSmart®NP3

Rollomatic introduces scalable 3-axis pinch/peel grinder at IMTS 2016



IMTS 2016 - Rollomatic GrindSmart®629XW

Rollomatic introduces first-class universal production tool grinder 6-axis at IMTS 2016 with integrated wheel and nozzle changer SmartChanger®.



IMTS 2016 - Rollomatic GrindSmart®528XF

Rollomatic showcases “long-drill” grinder 6-axis at IMTS 2016 for dia/length ratios up to 150D, with integrated wheel and nozzle changer SmartChanger®.


Highly productive manufacturing of tungsten carbide milling cutters with diameters of up to 20 mm

Many industrial sectors are noting a rising demand for especially precise milling cutters and drills with larger diameters. In view of the enormous quantities that have to be manufactured and the comparatively long production cycle times, the productivity of the grinder plays an increasingly important role. We interviewed the Product manager of a technology and market leader for the manufacture of such machines, turning a particular spotlight on the features that nowadays ensure the mastering of the production of such cutters in large series in fully automatic, unstaffed operation mode.

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5-axes laser machining

Specialized in the manufacturing of sharpening machines for cutting tools and cylindrical grinding, the company Rollomatic SA (CH-Le landeron) widened its product range by launching at the beginning of 2014 the LaserSmart 500, a high precision 5-axes laser machining centre. The strategy to sell the first series to renowned tool manufacturers active in different sectors, such as mobile technology, watchmaking, aeronautics and auto industry, enabled Rollomatic to get precious feedbacks from the first users and thus to improve and optimise the processes.