Smart Connectivity

At the heart of industry 4.0

The concept of autonomous grinding, machine connectivity, unattended production and communication exchange systems are at the heart of our priorities. Production/manufacturing facilities composed of smart, connected machines allow information to be quickly shared with all internal and external logistic points at the manufacturing plant.

Rollomatic has developed three different services to respond to this new industrial space:

  1. RMonitor is a machine monitoring software that can be used as a real-time production cockpit to improve the productivity, provide scheduling fl exibility and display manufacturing history.
  2. RConnect is designed to extract data from your Rollomatic machines, by using standard communication protocols such as OPC-UA. The data can then be transferred to ERP programs, factory management software or measuring machines where it can be processed. Available through a license and directly connected via a local area network, this technology requires no additional equipment on the machine.
  3. RolloCloud is the off-site platform that provides a series of modular cloud services including computing, data storage and data analytics. This IoT platform collects the data from your machines, analyzes it and presents it in an easy-to-understand format.


  • Visualization of the status of the machine in real time
  • Display of the machine production rate over a chosen period


  • Uses a standard OPC-UA protocol
  • On-demand information is reported in a standardized format and can be used to improve the production process over time
  • Possibility to read and edit any machine data


  • Visualization of real-time data via a mobile app (notifi cations included)